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Hi there! We hope you are well and have a lovely brew and biscuit to keep you company on this page (although preferably not Rich Tea, as they tend to break off into the mug!). First of all, thank you for taking some time to read about our little business. We are Hippo & Co. and specialise in the design and creation of fun things for fun folk! - mainly prints to make your walls fun and personal. All of our products are lovingly homemade in our little studio before making their way snugly to your home. We are passionate about sending exciting parcels that will make people happy so we hope you love our products as much as we do.
There is something truly special about creating products that timelessly represent cherished memories and so it was decided over a cosy cup of tea on a cold March morning that we would love to put our own little stamp on the creative world. We realise that most people will probably think we're a wee bit odd naming our company Hippo & Co. - for us though, from the moment we first discussed even thinking about doing this over that cup of tea, there was never any doubt that it would be called anything else. Hippo & Co. seemed more than fitting as it truly represents the very essence of what we do - produce fun things that showcase stories and personalities. To shed further light on our story, we thought we'd take you on a trip down memory lane to where this all began...

"But you are grey & blobby"..."I will ignore that comment"

This is where our love for those grey, blobby creatures started...we were browsing the shops in Manchester Trafford Centre when a colourful and funny book ('I Don't Want to Be a Pea' by Ann Bonwill - great for kids by the way!) caught our eye in a shop window. Us being kids at heart, we found the silly exchange between Bella the Bird & Hugo the Hippo absolutely hilarious and it wasn't long until one of the taglines in the book ("I will ignore that comment") became the butt of our jokes.


Our new flatmate!

From the moment we set eyes on that book, we realised that we were noticing hippos everywhere and it wasn't long before we had eyes and heart set on one particular hippo. We took a special fondness for one that we were seeing in amusement arcades over and over again in the claw crane machines (Thomas the Hippo by Carte Blanche). Over the course of the next few months (despite our best efforts) we were defeated time and time again in our attempts to win one. Eventually, in August 2012 on Stacey's 21st Birthday, Chris bought him and he officially became Mr Hippo (he never liked Thomas anyway!). Wherever a joke is shared, Mr Hippo is never far behind to chime in with his two cents (or 20p - he loves saving up his weekly 20p wage you see!). We appreciate that *most people (*correction - everybody!) will think we are utterly crackers but we are a couple who simply refuse to grow up and really appreciate the silly side of life and hope that this comes through in the products that we sell.

Yay for No. 20 & the start of BIG changes!

July 2013 brought a significant and exciting change for us, as we moved into our first ever home together - Chris decided to name our Wifi Network as Hippo & Co. (us being the "Co." of course!). Shortly after this, at 4am (with that cup of tea in hand) in March 2014, we were inspired to start this creative business, with Mr Hippo appointed the position of CEO of Hippo & Co. Limited. Since this point, this has been a huge learning curve, as we decided to take on everything by ourselves so that there would be no bounds to our creativity and the vision that we have for us and our customers. As a result, we've had many peaks and troughs in trying to get the best possible results, but are finally at a point whereby we can say "Yes! We've done it!" and are ready to share our creations with the world!

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting our site and hope you love our designs as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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